ClinicalConnection has been managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing for centralized recruitment campaigns for more then 10 years.

Why choose ClinicalConnection?

Our digital advertising experience is completely dedicated to the clinical trials space. We are experts at optimizing campaigns to reduce costs and increase patient conversions for trial accrual.

Our Approach

When creating a PPC campaign, ClinicalConnection goes through a rigorous campaign creation process to maximize results for even the most challenging clinical trials.

Keyword Analysis

The first step to creating a successful PPC campaign begins with researching relevant keywords that will trigger the PPC ads.

  • We compile a list of beneficial keywords using a proprietary keyword generation algorithm.
  • Each keyword is run through a database to identify which are frequently queried in search engines.
  • Those with high search volume are vetted based on competition in the marketplace to determine which to utilize for campaign launch.

Ad Copy Development

ClinicalConnection begins with several ads using identified keywords in the copy to increase click through rates and conversions.

  • Ads contain a combination of keywords, indication-specific language and references to the market in which the ads will be displayed
  • Due to the finite amount of time to prompt an individual to click on an ad after their search query, a call-to-action in the ad is crucial
  • All ads are submitted to the client for IRB review

Campaign Launch

The initial monthly budget is divided by 30 days to ensure that the ads are displayed each day and all ads are launched in unison for sites with IRB approval

Campaign Optimization

Market performance is evaluated individually recognizing that search behavior varies by locale.

This includes:

  • The removal of under performing ads as well as keywords not generating adequate conversions.
  • Keyword bid reallocation to maximize performance of beneficial keywords while weeding out less profitable ones.
  • The introduction of "negative keywords" to limit the reach of ads for keywords that do not yield high click-through rates and conversions. (If used, they WILL NOT display the campaign ads).

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